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"Our group leader gives us a lot of responsibility and treats us like adults, but lets us be kids, too."
- 15-year-old participant

Rosh Hodesh: It's a Girl Thing! and You

  1. Supply rich and award-winning curriculum:
    • Sourcebooks for Group Leaders, up to five years of monthly plans:
      • Lev: The first year of Rosh Hodesh is devoted to nurturing individual identity, as girls begin the journey to discover friendships, self-worth, positive thinking and heritage.
      • Ruach: Girls are encouraged to develop their unique spirit, as they experience lessons about kindness, forgiveness, friendship, sharing and standing up for themselves.
      • Kol: As the leadership stage begins, girls use their voices for positive change, while also learning to set goals, garner self-esteem—and truly be heard.
      • Bena: A year devoted to leadership through fostering knowledge, mastering group dynamics, taking responsibility and gaining deeper insight.
      • Koach: Girls prepare to lead their own groups, plan and execute an important final project and conduct critical self-assessments. They have gelled as a group but have also learned invaluable lessons about themselves as remarkable, empowered individuals.

  2. Provide consultation and ongoing support to Group Leaders and Supervisors
    • Manual for Group Leaders, which provides an array of helpful resources
    • Manual for Supervisors, a guide to running the program at your institution
    • Website with resources for group leaders and supervisors that includes templates, best practices gathered from experienced group leaders, PR material and other useful tools
    • Conference calls with national staff
    • Private Facebook community for group leaders
    • One-to-one consultations whenever needed.

  3. Present our valuable two-day Training Institute—new group leaders and supervisors from across North America gather for our highly rated training where we delve deeply into:
    • Issues facing adolescent girls today
    • Building and leading Rosh Hodesh groups
    • Getting the most from your Sourcebooks for Leaders
    • Marketing and recruitment for program success
  1. Hire and supervise a qualified group leader (could be someone from current staff)
  2. Send your group leader to the Rosh Hodesh: It’s a Girl Thing! Training Institute (see below)
  3. Recruit 10-15 girls for each group
  4. Organize logistics, including meeting location, time of day, and more
  5. Promote the success of Rosh Hodesh: It’s a Girl Thing!
  6. Maintain contractual agreements between Moving Traditions and your institution

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